Monday, October 27, 2008

Got Sketch Express Sketch 3

Sunday was the perfect day to scrap. The sky was pretty dark, the winds had been blowing hard all night & most of the morning. We had some thunder & rain but by 5 pm it had turned nice.

This morning I decided to pull out sketch 3 from the GSE email class that I’m taking. The class is by Janna Wilson & Valerie Salmon and if you aren’t familiar with these two ladies, they are so talented, creative & inspiring. I just LOVE their sketches and their classes (Got Sketch 101, 102 & GSE). This is the third class that I’ve taken with them and I’m looking forward to Got Sketch 103 in the New Year.

This layout was inspired by Sketch 3 although I turned the sketch around a bit and made some changes too. I also used the Cloud 9 Hannah's Story papers. I really love how it turned out. These photo’s are of my DS when he was 3 (19 years ago). I also added a hidden journaling tag as I wanted to add some extra journaling to this layout that the sketch didn’t accommodate.

My son loved this jeep. Right from the first moment he got behind the wheel, he was hooked. All he wanted to do was drive. He didn’t like anyone else driving his jeep (he still doesn’t like anyone driving his vehicle today!) and really lit into our neighbor’s daughter when she drove it up over the sandbox. lol He made sure that his passengers were buckled up and loved to take them for a drive around the yard. At the end of each day he would faithfully park his jeep in the mini barn (his garage). He took such good care of his jeep that when we finally parted with it 5 years later it was still in perfect running condition (we did buy a new battery for it) and still looked like brand new.

Over the years, he didn’t change much and that passion for driving just continued. I remember spending hours with him driving up and down the road at my cousin’s sand pit (it was on private property). After the second trip to back to the sand pit, I’d be telling him how bored I was and asking if he was tired yet. Not him! Anything just to get behind the wheel and drive. lol As soon as he turned 16 he had his beginners permit and every time we had to go somewhere, he’d be out the door & behind the wheel before I even had my shoes on. Soon after he was the owner of his first car. He bought the car for cash, did all the necessary repairs and has done that with each vehicle he’s owned. At 22 he has already owned 5 cars and presently he has 2 cars. (I think he’s owned almost as many as I have through the years). Since he pays cash for all the cars & fixes them up, it’s a good thing that he’s an apprentice mechanic!

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