Monday, October 27, 2008

Hello Mr. Swan

Saturday turned out to be a gorgeous day. What started out to be a rainy, dark & dismal morning turned into a nice afternoon. My plans were to head to the next town to pick up my pictures that I had uploaded earlier in the week and to stop and visit my mother who is recuperating at a retirement home from knee replacement surgery.

Since my morning kind of got away from me and I didn’t end up leaving as early as I had hope to, I decided to grab lunch on the road & stop by my favorite park. I used to spend a lot of time at this park when I was little. My grandparent’s home was near this park and when we visited, grandma always had left over breadcrumbs for us to feed the ducks. Now I didn’t mind feeding the ducks it was the Canadian Geese & Swans that I didn’t like. Sure they are nice to look at but when it comes to feeding them (especially if your walking) forget it. They can be mean and they are definitely greedy. Many times we were chased away by these geese & swans only to leave me with a fear of them.

Today I decided that I’d give the few left over French fries to the ducks from the safety of my parked van. I had noticed the mix of Canadian Geese & one lone swan swimming in front of where I was parked. I wasn’t really paying attention and when I looked up there peering at me was this huge swan. By this time the food was gone but this swan just stood there looking at me. I was a little leery of him and his intentions but not leery enough to ignore a perfect photo shoot of such a beautiful creature….. Hello, Mr. Swan.

I used the Cloud 9 Hannah's Story papers that I got in my order from ATRS (Addicted to Rubber Stamps)last week. I love it. I love doing Photo Collages when it comes to adding lots of photos to a page. These photo's show Saturday's visit from Mr. Swan.

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