Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Fiskars Toys

When I first started scrapbooking in early 2004, one of the first tools I purchased was the gray Fiskars Paper trimmer and of course my Fiskars Scissors. Over the next couple of years I continued scrapbooking and did so on a very limited budget. In the spring of 2005, I joined a card club hoping to be able to use some of the techniques in scrapbooking. Little did I know that I would totally give up scrapbooking and only create cards for the next two years. During this time I met Bonnie who became my mentor & enabler. (Well, it worked both ways). I continued to buy a few Fiskars tools here & there, mainly just border punches for my cardmaking.

In April of 2007 I came across the Fiskateers site and immediately I was hooked. I won a few RAK’s some of which included Fiskar tools. (I won a Fiskars Craft drill)

Last summer my BF Bonnie and I made two road trips to Amherst, NY in search of new craft supplies. I purchased several of the Fiskars Squeeze Punches as at the time I didn’t own any punches. I was on a mission to buy punches! Needless to say I bought a lot of Fiskars tools.

Like most scrappers, I have a problem remembering what I own when it comes to tools. I decided to make myself a little organizer that I can carry in my purse when I go on a shopping spree. I also keep it downstairs beside my computer so I don’t order duplicate tools when shopping on line.

This was such an easy project. I just cut up some ATC size pieces of cardstock (2 ½ x 3 ½ inch). On each piece of cardstock I attached a punched out shape, or a piece of colored cardstock showing a punched border, a cut with decorative scissors and at the back of the booklet I’ve listed the miscellaneous tools that I have – scissors, trimmers, Ultra Shape Express & templates, etc. I kept the cards pretty simple so that if I need to change one I can easily do so. After the card was done, I slid it in an ATC sleeve with the open part at the bottom. This way the pages are all protected and won’t get torn or messed up when it’s traveling around in my purse. I punched a hole in the top left corner & attached a binder ring that I decorated with ribbon. I also punched out tabs with the Stampin Up Tab punch and labeled each tab. This way I can easily find the tool section I want. (Right now the backs are blank but I would like to fill in the price of these items so that I have an inventory price list for insurance purposes.) Then I decorated the cover with Heidi Grace paper scraps and it was finished.

This is a cute little project that goes together pretty quick. The only time consuming part was punching out all my Squeeze Punch and border shapes as well as the decorative scissor shapes. I’m really happy with how it turned out and love that I have my Fiskars Toys organized.

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