Tuesday, November 25, 2008

More Christmas Cards

This week I’ve decided to spend some time working on Christmas cards. Talk about a struggle. For two years I did nothing but make cards. I belonged to a card group, I joined in numerous online card swaps as well as made and swapped ATC’s. I missed my scrapbooking during this time. About 1½ years ago, I switched back over to scrapbooking.

So during the past 1½ years, I’ve made very few stamped cards. The cards that I have made are more “scrappy” cards with little or no stamping on them. Now that I’m trying to create cards again, I’m having a real struggle.

The other day, I made a card using a Santa stamp that I picked up at a yard sale this past summer. That card came together quite quickly and I was thrilled with the results. Yesterday I spent about 2 hours working on trying to create a card using the same stamp. I ended up giving up as I wasn’t happy with the way the cards turned out.

So today I tried again and managed to put together a card that I’m happy with. Now I at least have a start on my Christmas cards. Here’s that card:


Bonnie Weiss said...

Love those cards...hope I'm on your 'card list'!

peata said...

cool little cards.
gotta start makin some too.
making mini albums
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