Tuesday, November 4, 2008

More Organization and Storage

Since setting up my scraproom/studio, I am constantly changing things and trying to find new and improved ways of storing my stash. Some methods have lasted and others have been changed when I come upon a new, more improved way of storing things.

I store all my ribbon in jars. I first take the ribbon off the spool and wrap it around the round style clothes pins. Once it's wrapped the ribbon is then placed in a jar with similiar colors. This way I just have to grab the jar I want and chose my ribbon.

All my Prima Flowers are now stored in plastic rectangular cases that have various sections in them. When I first started collecting these gorgeous flowers, I loved displaying them in their jars and original containers. After accumulating several different colors and styles and having my stash of Prima's grow, storing them ended up taking an entire shelf. I knew that I had to come up with a new and improved method of storing them.

I decided to use these plastic containers and store one color per container. I like this method as it takes up less space, it's easy to find the color I want with just a glance. All I have to do is grab the container and chose my flowers. This method also makes it easy if you wanted to take them to a crop. So far it's working for me and my small space.

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