Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nashville Fiska-Friendzy Online Crop Challenges 1-5

Well, this weekend there were 2 Fiskateer Regional Events. Some lucky Fiskateers gathered in Nashville, Tennessee with Rebecca and others on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California with Cheryl. For those of us unable to attend the regional events, were treated to another Fiska-rific online crop. Betsy #2572 was the online correspondent for the Nashville Fiska-Friendzy and she did a fabulous job challenging us and keeping us updated on the Nashville Fiskateer event.

Nashville Fiska-Friendzy Challenge #1

For this challenge we were to go to site to get our “star” name. All you do is type in your name and the site gives you a new country star name. Then you are to create a name tag with with your new star name of course and post it in your fiskateer gallery. It can be digital or paper doesn't matter but make sure to change it to your main profile photo!

Well, my “star” name is Bettie Burnette and here is the tag that I created for the “new” me.

Isn’t it funny how sometimes when your working on a challenge, the idea immediately pops into your head and everything goes together so quickly. This was one of those times. As soon as I got my new star name “Bettie Burnette”, Betty Boop popped into my head. I love how the tag turned out.

Nashville Fiska-Friendzy Challenge #2

Every STAR needs a top 40 hit. In the spirit of the Fiskateer record.... Create your own scrapbooking gold record. Come up with your song title and then create a page/project showcasing your gold record. (Some ideas could be a fake newspaper, a poster with the band, how about your own gold record it's up to YOU).

Ok, now I must admit that I misread the instructions for this challenge. I thought that I was supposed to create a layout based on the “new” me. Anyways, here’s the layout that I created about the “new” me. This layout actually came together pretty quickly too!

Nashville Fiska-Friendzy Challenge #3

Miz Angela wondered if the Virginia City Fiskateers could be out oranged?
Well the Nashville Fiska-Friendzy is so Fiska-oranged out that it carried over all the way to the message board! Deck yourself out in Fiskateer Colors and snap a quick photo of yourself. Post it to the gallery and link it here! Let's show Miz Angela how orange and green we can really be!!!!

I don’t have any orange attire in my wardrobe so I decided to create a “Flat Bettie” dressed in her Fiska-Orange attire. Drawing people isn’t one of my talents lol but for this challenge I did draw a “self-portrait” of my alias. It’s just too funny!

Nashville Fiska-Friendzy Challenge #4

Turkey Day is just around the corner. Do you have your Turkey yet???

Well go shoot your turkey down and then come back here and post your score to be entered into this drawing. (Bonus RAK from me for the highest score)

This was a fun challenge! My score was 14263. I guess that Turkey Shooting isn’t one of my skills.

Nashville Fiska-Friendzy Challenge #5

Back in my day Record albums were the same size as 12 x 12 layouts (I wonder if that is why so many scrappers use that size cause they are all my age) For this challenge use a Record album (or CD cover for you young-uns) as the inspiration for a Layout.

Ok…so I’m not exactly a “young-un” but I went with the CD idea and created my own CD cover & CD. Probably another one where I didn’t quite get the instructions right. This is what happens when your PC is downstairs and your “studio” upstairs…or when your rushing to beat the deadline. lol Either way, I was quite happy with the way it turned out. Here’s my take on the challenge:

I'll be back later with Challenges 6 to 10 from yesterdays Nashville Fiska-Friendzy Online Crop. I'm off to complete some other projects and challenges that I'm working on.

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