Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Virginia City Fisk-a-Friendzy Challenges 1 to 5

I thought that I'd post my comments for the Virginia City Fisk-a-Friendzy Challenges 1 to 5.

Virginia City Fisk-a-Friendzy Challenge #1
Trivia Question: "What TV Show featured Virginia City as site they visited often?"
Bonanza – I used to love watching this show. (I’m dating myself here lol)

Virginia City Fisk-a-Friendzy Challenge #2
Getting to know each other: Find 5 blogs belonging to Fiskateers, make a comment on each blog and post the Blog address, name and Fiskateer number of each one you visit.

Lea Sanders # 3703 http://leasanders.wordpress.com/
Karin #4472 http://mudnet.dyndns.org:9000/crafts/
MaryNSC #1121 http://cricutcrazy.blogspot.com/
Debby #2852 http://debbysdares.blogspot.com/
LynD #1110 http://www.lynd.typepad.com/

Virginia City Fisk-a-Friendzy Challenge #3
Keeping with the Western theme of this weeks FiskaFriendzy, create a new name for yourself. (i.e. I will now be Hop-a-long Faye)

My new name is “Canadian Kid”.

Virginia City Fisk-a-Friendzy Challenge #4
Fall is here and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Post a yummy fall / Thanksgiving recipe here for all of us to enjoy.

Jellied Carrot Salad

Pkg Orange Jello
1 can crushed pineapples
shredded carrots (1 or 2 cups)

Prepare jello by dissolving in one cup of hot water. Add can of crushed pineapples (juice & all in place of cup of cold water). Add shredded carrots. Let set for several hours. (This recipe can easily be doubled).

Virginia City Fisk-a-Friendzy Challenge #5
Tool review - write a review for 3 Fiskar tools.

Each review must include the name of the tool, what it is used for,

3 things you like about it and at least one idea thinking outside of the box - what else can you do with it.

The tools that I chose to review were the Fiskars Squeeze Punch, Craft Drill and the Leave it to Weaver Border Punch.

Fiskars Squeeze Punches

I love the Fiskars Squeeze Punches and they are one of my favorite Fiskars tools. One handle is fixed and by squeezing the other handle towards it allows the shape to be punched with ease. Insert your paper into the slot at the top of the punch until you have it in the position you require. Then apply light pressure to squeeze out your shape. Since the Fiskars Squeeze Punches are made with the shape side up, it’s easier to position on your page/paper, there is less waste and it makes it easy to position over a pattern or shape you want. They stack nicely and this makes them convenient for storing. They also have a picture of the punch shape on the front so that you can easily see the punch you want. The Fiskars Squeeze punches come in a variety of shapes and three different sizes. Also by thinking “outside the box” a punch that is for one purpose can be used for something entirely different. You can take the “heart” squeeze punch and use the hearts to create flowers or even scallops for your cards.

Three things that I like about the punches are: 1. easy to use and for someone with arthritis in their hands I have no problems working them. 2. lots of different shapes to chose from and 3. I can actually see what I’m punching.

Fiskars Craft Drill

Recently I hauled out my Fiskars Craft Drill for a project that I was working on. This little craft drill is just amazing. It is light-weight, easy to use and will drill through anything. First thing you want to do is grab a piece of wood or a thick phone book and place it underneath your project. This will drill right through the table or desk otherwise. Next attach your drill bit. Locate the spot that you want to drill a hole in your project and mark it. Then I place a couple of clamps on the item that I’m going to be drilling into and attach it to the block of wood. This keeps the project from moving around on me. Then a few cranks of the handle and your finished. Also by thinking “outside the box” you’ll be amazed at the items you can use this with. My recent project turned an acrylic photo frame into a flip file for sketches just by drilling holes in a stand up acrylic picture frame.

Three things that I like about the drill are : 1. easy to use 2. light-weight and 3. can drill through acrylic/record albums without cracking it.

Fiskars Leave it to Weaver Border Punch

The Fiskars Leave it to Weaver border punch is great for adding ribbon to a page or card. It’s easy to use and with a little practice you can turn out perfectly punched borders in which to thread ribbon through.

I cut a strip of paper using my cutter that measures about 1 inch in width by the desired length. Then starting in the middle of the paper, I line it up in the border punch making sure that the edge touches the back edge of the punch. I tend to flip mine over so that I can easily line up the punched holes. Continue punching until you’ve come to the end and then repeat punching on the other side. When finished you can thread ribbon, a different color of cardstock, material strips or even crepe paper through it. Also by thinking “outside the box” you’ll be amazed at other things you can create with this. By trimming off part of the punched holes, you can turn the ribbon border into “grass” for a layout or project.

Three things that I like about the “Threading Waters Border Punch are : 1. easy to use 2. light-weight and 3. makes a pretty border for adding ribbon to a page or card.

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