Monday, November 10, 2008

Virginia City Fisk-a-Friendzy Online Crop Long Post

This past weekend was the Virginia City Fiskateers Regional Event. Anyone that is a Fiskateer knows that there have been 5 huge Fiskateer Regional Events planned by our awesome Leads. I would have loved to attend one of these events but living in Canada it's hard for me to do at this time of the year.

Kelly Jo in New England
Wendy Jo in Hershey, PA
Angela’s Virginia City
Rebecca’s Nashville, TN on Saturday, November 15th
Cheryl’s aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California on Saturday, November 15th

This past weekend was Angela’s Virginia City Event and along with it was an Online Crop for the Fiskateers who weren’t able to attend the regional events or anyone who wanted to play. Faye (Fiskateer #1157) who was unable to attend Angela’s Virginia City Event due to an injured foot ,took over as hostess for the online crop & the at home correspondent. She did an amazing job!

There were 10 Challenges and a bonus challenge that were to be completed (5 for Saturday and 5 for Sunday). There was also a grand prize draw for those who were able to complete 10 of the challenges (the bonus could be substituted for any one of the challenges).

I totally amazed myself by completing all 10 of the challenges PLUS the bonus challenge. I did the first 5 challenges Saturday morning. They were pretty easy & didn’t involve any crafting. Lol

Sunday morning I headed upstairs to my studio with a mission to complete the remaining 5 challenges Plus the bonus before the noon deadline. That was my goal. I started off by doing the Ultimate Fiskateer challenge, then the cards, the USX challenge, western theme 2 pg layout and by the time I got to the orange 2 pg challenge it was getting close to the noon deadline. I still had to take the pics, upload them to my camera, edit, upload to my gallery & then post on each challenge. So I was really pressed for time. I'll probably add more to it later.

Challenge #6 – Create something using at least 4 Fiskars tools.
To make my card, I used my Fiskars Stamp Press, Heidi Grace stamps, "That's Amore" Fiskars Heart Squeeze Punch, "Leave it to Weaver" Fiskars Border Punch and of course my Fiskars Scissors & Trimmer.The paper used was Heidi Grace Cherrywood Lane.

Challenge #7 - Create a 2 page layout with a western flair to it.

Challenge #8 – Create a 2 page layout using orange and only orange. See how many shades you can actually use. But since they use green too, you can use a little bit of green, white or black to accent. Just remember that orange is the primary color.

Challenge #9 - Create the ultimate Fiskateer. We were given a paper doll pattern to download & print. The instructions were to get her ready to go the crop. Make sure she has at least 3 Fiskar tools with her. Remember the Fiskateer color is orange.

I had so much fun creating the “Ultimate Fiskateer”. To make her skirt, I misted my cardstock with water & used my Fiskars Embossing templates and then cut out the skirt and pocket. Her tools (scissors, squeeze punch & drill) I just drew a pattern on paper & cut them out. I used my silver signo pen where the tool had silver on it. Then I just colored in her hair & shoes with markers.

Challenge #10 - Create a great card to send to Fiskars.

To create this card I once again used the Heidi Grace Cherrywood Lane paper. I also used the "Threading Waters" Border Punch, Heidi Grace Stamps, Fiskars Stamp Press and my Marvy Punch. I'll probably send the other card that I made for challenge 6 to Fiskars.

Bonus Challenge - Create something using the Fiskar Ultra Shape Express.

Although I have the Ultra Shape Express, I only have 2 templates plus the alphabets. I used my Leaf template to create the leaves on the card, the Fiskars oval squeeze punch for the petals and the center. I also used my paper pricker to poke holes in the center piece for texture.

The ROCK, PAPER, TRIMMER was the Grand Prize. If you were able to complete all 10 of the challenges your name was put into the drawing for the Grand Prize. You were able to substitute the Bonus challenge for any challenge but #10.

It was a great crop with lots of fun challenges. I was so excited to see that my name was on the winners list too! How cool is that!!


Kelly Jo said...

Di~ Your cards are beautiful! Thanks for playin' along this weekend. =)
~Kelly Jo said...

I loved coming home and seeing all the wonderful challenges you completed- especially that cute paper doll! Thanks for joining in the fun!

HeatherQ said...

I love your flower! That's such a cute idea!!