Monday, December 15, 2008

Fiskateer Online Christmas Party December 13th and 14th

I love the Fiskateer Online Crops and this one was fabulous. So many awesome RAK’s and challenges. Fortunately for me there were 2 challenges that were posted in advanced or I probably wouldn’t have completed them all. Even with being away all day Saturday, I still managed to complete the challenges on Sunday.

Lead Fiskateer Kelly Jo posted a couple of challenges in advance to get us started.

Challenge #1. Create a paper craft project with a photo(s) of your very special ornament(s).

For this challenge I decided to create a mini album. I’ve been wanted to put together a “My Treasures” mini album for sometime. A place where I can put pictures of my treasures, the stories behind them and the sentimental/monetary value of them. This is just the beginning of this album as I ran out of 8 ½ x 11 photo paper and didn’t feel like running out to get some.

This next photo is just one page in this album. I have to pick up some more photo paper as I ran out. I also want to print the pictures a little larger as I'm not happy with the size of them.

I'll continue to add to this mini album which is why I used binder rings. Each page will hold a photo of my "special treasure", the story behind it, etc. I've got lots more to add to it.

Challenge #2 - Create a paper craft project with the lyrics (all or in part) of your favorite Christmas song somewhere on the project.

For Kelly Jo’s second challenge, one of my favorite Christmas songs is Little Drummer Boy. (I also like “What Child is This” and “Do They Know it’s Christmas”). For this challenge I decided to go with the song “Little Drummer Boy”. I created a layout of my son and his first drum set. Although his first drum set was long gone years ago, he was about 12 or 13 when he got his drum set that he has now. He’s now 22 and still loves to play the drums.

Lead Fiskateer Angela posted a challenge of her own. This one required us to make a scrapbook page inspired by Patty. Patty used to be with Angela on Scrapbook LifeStyle show. On this episode she tells of losing her mother at the age of 11 and never having any special notes from her mother. It really was a touching video and I can so relate to her. I lost my father when I was 11 years old. Patty talks about how important it is to her that her children have these love notes. For an added twist Angela’s rules were that this page must have a photo of YOU on it.

I’ve always felt this way and part of the reason why I scrap is so that these stories are told and preserved. I’ve always felt that I am the keeper of these stories and when I’m gone, so are the stories. I wish I had of started scrapping when DS was little but unfortunately I only started scrapping a few years ago. Fortunately I have a fairly good memory and can remember a lot of the details when he was little.

The last challenge was from Lead Fiskateer Wendy Jo who challenged us to Simply make a layout all about cookies! Here's my take on that challenge.

When my son was younger we used to make Sugar Cookies and decorate them every Christmas. We’d then box them up & gift wrap them for those special people in his life. He took great pride in being able to give these gifts that he worked so hard to create. They definitely were “Cookies from the Heart”.

There were so many awesome RAK's this weekend and I was fortunate enough to be one of the winners on the Santa Baby RAK. (we had to post a picture of someone with Santa) What an awesome prize to have to put under my tree this year.

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Kelly Jo said...

Di~ Your projects are beautiful. Congrats!