Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hope You Had a Very Merry Christmas

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! I had a wonderful Christmas.

The day started out with my DS and I opening our gifts. Then we ate the traditional breakfast scrambled egg casserole that I prepared the day before. I've been making it now for about the past 14 yrs. DS would never even try it until about 4 yrs ago. I used to be able to get away with cutting the recipe in half since it was just my mother & I who ate it. There was always enough left over for breakfast the next day too! Now that DS is older, he loves it and a half recipe isn't enough. (He likes it for a bedtime snack too!) Mom has always come over for Christmas breakfast & looks forward to it every year. This year mom wasn't able to come over because of her knee replacement and hazardous walking conditions outside. So I took breakfast over to her.

I love being able to spend the day with my family which this year included my mother, my sister & her husband, my brother, my son and of course myself. My BIL's mother also came along so she wouldn't be alone. This year we did miss my sisters 2 daughters, their hubby's and of course the 5 little ones. They spent the day with their inlaws this year.

Since my sister, her hubby, their girls & children were heading out to Florida (how lucky) that night, I decided to cook the turkey dinner this year to make it easier for my sister. Normally I don't do the cooking as with my health it's a bit too much. Plus living in such a small apartment, I don't have room for everyone. With my mother having a knee replacement in September and her getting older, it's getting a bit much for her to do the dinners. Since I live at the back of her house, I cooked the turkey here and my BIL carried it over to mom's when it was done. I also peeled the potatoes & sent them over to be cooked as well as the squash that I had baked. Mom took care of making the salads.

The meal was wonderful if I do say so myself. lol After dinner we had some of mom's homemade apple pie (she makes the best apple pies), exchanged gifts and by 8 pm my sister & her hubby were out the door. This was the earliest Christmas departure for us ever. They had to go home and load up their truck and head up to London to their daughters house after leaving mom's house. They borrowed my car top carrier (how nice, it gets to go to Florida and I can't) to take on the trip.

Yesterday it hit me, I was in so much pain from overdoing it the 3 previous days with all the preparations, cooking and carrying the food over to mom's that I could barely move. This goes along with my Rheumatoid Arthritis & Fibromyalgia. I also have a bulging disk in my back that sits on a nerve and makes walking & standing very painful. Thank goodness today I feel better as I have to go and return some gifts.

I purchased the new Guitar Hero World Tour complete band game for DS. He set it up Christmas Day to played it and wouldn't you know it, the foot pedal doesn't work, one cymbal doesn't work either. I'm not overly happy about it considering the cost of this item. There are also some download patches that you have to do before playing it. (too bad for those who don't have internet access). The joys of gift giving. lol

So we're heading out early this morning to return the game and he plans on running around trying to find another one. I hope that he'll be successful as I know how disappointed he is that this one has to be returned. Hopefully he'll find another one today in town.

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