Wednesday, February 4, 2009

More Vampire Stories

You’d think that after spending a month in the “Twilight” zone hooked on the Twilight series books by Stephanie Meyer that I’d be tired of vampires. NOT!!

I found a new vampire series to read. lol This House of Night series is written by the mother/daughter team PC Cast & Kristin Cast. It’s a series of 5 books (the 5th book “Hunted” is to be released on March 10th). The first book in the series is called “Marked” and tells the story of Zoey who is “marked” to become a Vampyre (yes, that’s how they spell Vampire in the books) and goes off to the House of Night school to train to be a Vampyre. The second book in the series is “Betrayed” (I’m currently reading it), then the 3rd book in the series is “Chosen”, the fourth book is “Untamed” and then of course the 5th book “Hunted” has yet to be released.

This time around, I purchased the first 4 books all at the same time. There is nothing worse for me than reading a book in a series and not being able to find the next one in the series. I didn’t want to take the chance on that happening this time around.

So far I am really enjoyed this series. I don’t think it will take me as long to read these books as it did the Twilight books as these books average around 300 pages. (The last book New Dawn in the Twilight series was over 700 pages).

My niece also read the Twilight series and ended up getting hooked on it and reading again. (She hasn’t read much since getting out of school until she got into the Twilight series). I LOVE to read and don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t read. I guess I take after my mother who is 84 and still an avid reader. I lent my niece my Sophie Kinsella “Shopaholic” books to read and then when I’m finished this series I’ll lend them to her to read. I think she’d enjoy them too!

What are you reading this week?

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