Friday, March 20, 2009

I’ve Been Bitten…..Again!!

I've been bitten.....again!!!

Yes, it's true! I've been bitten once again by the "vampire" bug. I found myself a new vampire series to read when I was in Walmart yesterday. I don't know what it is about these vampire series that has me wanting to read more. lol

This new series that I found is called "Night World" written by L.J. Smith. So far there are 6“novels” in the series. There are actually 2 books each with 3 different novels in them.

The first book is called Night World 1. The stories in it are: Secret Vampire, Daughters of Darkness & Spellbinder. There are 729 pages in it not counting the first 2 chapters from the first story in the second Night World book.

The second book in the series is called Night World 2. The stories in it are: Dark Angel, The Chosen & Soul Mate and there are 662 pages in it. (not counting the first 2 chapters from the first story in the third Night World book).

The third book in the series is called Night World 3 and the stories in it are: Huntress, Black Dawn and Witchlight. It isn't out yet or if it is, Walmart didn't have it. I guess I’ll have to keep my eyes open for it when I’m in Walmart.

My niece Chantale & I have both been bitten by the Vampire bug! She's still re-reading the Twilight series but I'm sure once she gets into The House of Night series, she'll be hooked on them too! Then of course she'll want to read this new series if I enjoy it. Being that I'm such a nice aunt (lol)....I'm loaning her my books to read.

I've been collecting books written by my favorite authors since my early 20's. It was always my dream to someday have a house where I could have a library. I'm still holding out for that dream.

Have a great day & thanks for looking.

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