Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Special Gift for a Special Someone

My youngest niece Chantale is totally hooked on the Twilight book series as well as the movie. She had seen the movie back before Christmas & immediately started reading the books. I didn’t start reading the books until late January. I also didn’t know that she had been reading them until she emailed me after I posted about my reading the Twilight books on my blog.

I have a special relationship with my nieces Natasha & Chantale and have since they were born. Since I don’t have any girls of my own, the two of them have been like my own. DS (he’s 23) isn’t really into mini albums, cards or scrapbook pages. Although he appreciates the time & effort I put into them, right now he’s just not interested. This is where my “girls” luck out….they get the mini albums, cards, layouts, etc that DS doesn’t. I know that someday he’ll get out his scrapbooks and look at them but it’s just not now.

For Chantale’s birthday this year (March 1st), I decided to make her a 6x6 mini album based on the Twilight movie. This is actually my first 6x6 album & I love how this turned out. Since the Twilight series is a love story of sorts, I made the mini album so that one page has pictures from the movie and the corresponding page is where she can add pictures of her & her husband. I used the Cloud 9 Be Loved paper line and added lots of bling to this book.
There are 20 pages in this mini album. I've used my Cuttlebug Embossing folders for matting pictures in places, added rhinestones and pearls, primas, added pockets, mini envelopes, tags, quotes and pictures from the movie. I had to delay posting this as we weren’t able to get together this year on her birthday & I was finally able to give it to her on Monday. She was thrilled with it. I told her to gather together some pictures of her & her husband so that I can print them off for her and get them into the book. It’ll be nice to see the “finished” book.

Have a great day & thanks for looking

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely love my mini album! Now to get the pictures in it is another story, but I agree it will be nice to see it all "finished". But it is such a great album. Thanks again so much! You are a very special and talented aunt. I love you xo