Saturday, April 18, 2009

Finally.....They're Here!!

I can't believe that they are finally here! I went uptown yesterday to get my mail & there they were....just waiting to come home with me. What you ask?? My new Fiskars Limited Edition Summer Squeeze Punches.

I fell in love with the Summer line of Limited Edition Squeeze Punches. I recently purchased the Chicky Baby & Undercover (umbrella) Squeeze Punches from a vendor on eBay. They had the best price going & it was a "Buy it Now" auction. I was so excited when they arrived yesterday. I have also ordered the "All-a-Flutter" (butterfly) and "Get Crackin" (egg) punches from an online vendor. Once I receive them, I'll post where I got them from as it's a new vendor that I've never bought from before.These punches are so hard to find and since they are limited editions, when they are gone....they're gone! So far I have 2 of the Halloween line and one of the Christmas punches. I'm slowly completing my collection.

I can't wait to create with these fun punches!

Happy Shopping & have a great day!

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