Monday, June 15, 2009

Going once, Going Twice….Sold!

On Saturday (June 13th) my mother & I went to an auction sale. I’ve only been to 2 previous auction sales and that was probably about 15+ years ago. Saturday’s auction sale was a special one. My aunt (mom’s sister) is 93 and since she hasn’t been able to live on her own anymore is in a retirement home. She’s been living in it for about 2 years now and has finally decided to give up her home and contents. We went for moral support.

It was a long day. We arrived about 8:45 am in order to get a parking place nearby. Since her home is out in the country I knew that the road would fill up fast. The sale started at 10:30 am and didn’t end until 2:30 pm. Everything was sold including the house. It was an excellent day and my aunt was amazing. She held up so well. She arrived about 10 am and stayed for the entire sale. She was still there when we left around 4 pm.

I bid on and won a book called “Joshua Doan” written by Gladys Francis Lewis, published in 1956. It’s out of print and very rare and hard to find. This book used to belong to my grandfather and was a gift from a cousin of his in 1964. The reason this book means so much to me is that its about my Great Great Grandfather’s brother Joshua Doan who was hung in 1839 in London, Ontario during the McKenzie Rebellion. Lucky for me that there weren’t any other Doan descendants at the auction and the book only sold for $4. The first time I saw this book it sold for $50 and that was about 10 years ago. This book for me is a real treasure & I am so thrilled to finally own it.

I also bid on & won my aunt’s silverware set. It’s a boxed set and is a service for 12. I have always wanted a really nice silverware set and am so glad that I won hers. She was telling me that she had saved up stamps from a local grocery store to get the silverware and then had to start over again to get the box. (years ago you were given stamps with your grocery purchased and could use them to buy items out of a catalogue) Also tucked inside the box was a Pickle Fork that was a wedding present from one of her mother’s relatives. (My aunt & uncle were married for almost 60 years when he passed away.) I love that this silverware set has a story and a history. I think that she was thrilled that I won her silverware and that it’ll remain in the family.

Since I am basically the family historian, my aunt gave me several old family photos as well as a portrait of my grandmother, her brother & their parents in the original frame. I am so thrilled that she thought of me and gifted these wonderful treasures to me. Saturday was definitely my LUCKY DAY!!

I can honestly say that bidding is definitely addictive and after this auction, I can definitely see myself going to more. lol

Have a great day!

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