Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Back to School Luggage Tags

Recently I’ve been working on these Back to School Luggage tags for 7 of my great nieces & nephews. I stumbled across these Back to School Emergency information luggage tags a few years ago on the web and they’ve been on my 2 Do List since then. I finally got around to making them & plan on giving them to my little great nieces & nephews for Christmas. I think that I’ll hang them on the Christmas tree first as a decoration. lol

Right now I have Chloe’s tag in a “Badge Holder” but I’m not too thrilled with it. I like the looks of the Luggage Tags better although now day’s they aren’t that easy to find where I live. I know I have some luggage tags around the house & have to dig them out. The tags for Jaden & Dakota are in ATC sleeves at the moment but I wanted to give you a sneak peek for now. I’ll show the finished one’s when I find my luggage tags as well as show you the boy’s tags I made for my Great Nephews Jeremy, Andrew, Gavin & Dallas to hang on their backpacks (& diaper bags). Jeremy is the only one of the boy’s who is in school right now. Andrew & Gavin (brothers of Jeremy & Jaden) go to day care so I thought that this would be perfect for Andrew’s backpack & Gavin’s diaper bag. Not wanting to leave Dallas out (Chloe & Dakota’s baby brother), I also made one for his diaper bag.

On the one side of the card it lists the students name (first name only for safety reasons), their school, teachers name and classroom. On the other side of the card lists the parents first name & phone number (a space for mom & one for dad), Pediatrician’s name & phone number, Poison Control Phone Number and a space to write in the child’s allergies. Everything you need to know is listed on these little cards that you attach to their backpacks for the caregivers to have at their fingertips. There is also a place to put the child’s photo so that it’s easy for the younger kids to identify their backpacks.

Here is a picture of the girls tags so far:These next two are in ATC sleeves until I can find the Luggage Tags to put them in.

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Jennifer said...

These look great!! What a great idea! So creative...TFS