Sunday, January 16, 2011

A New Toy for Christmas

For awhile now, I have been talking about wanting a book reader. I am an avid reader and am finding that I am running out of room to store my library of collectible books. I have a few authors that I have collected over the years and hate to part with those books. Recently after completing my renovations, I have narrowed down my library and have decided to limit it to two bookcases. I don’t have room to put any new bookcases so I have to make due with what I have. Having come to this decision, I knew I had to come up with an alternate way to store books. This is where the Sony Book Reader comes in.

Well, this year for Christmas I got my new toy to play with from my son. He gave me a Sony Book Reader Touch Edition. I love it! I can download books from my local library for free as well as download free books from the internet. I can also buy books from Amazon. There are 100’s of free books out there to chose from. I have downloaded a few books to start with and now that I have finished with my latest read I am ready to start using it.

The Sony Book Reader Touch Edition has the built in dictionary that when you’re stuck on a word you just touch the word, the dictionary pops up & gives you a definition of that word. If you aren’t able to pronounce it, it also has sound & will pronounce it for you. I can download books from Amazon, my local library, etc as well as downloading PDF files. It’s lightweight, easy to hold & tuck into my purse to take with me.
The other day I finally got around to downloading the software I needed & spent some time on line trying to figure out how to download books from our local library. Well after awhile of going in circles on the site I was given, I ended up phoning the library & the lady there walked me through the correct site, downloading books and how the site works. Now I have some library books downloaded on my reader it is so much easier for me to do this from home then to go out to the library.

I feel so spoiled. Not only did he give me the book reader, which was at the top of my wish list, he also gave me a Blue Ray DVD player as well as a few other cool gadgets to play with.

Thank you DS, I love you as well as all of my gifts.

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Stephenie said...

Hi! My daughter bought a pandigital reader and although she has found free books at barnes and noble, I did not know you could get books free from the library. Is it possible to become a member of your library to download free books? I do not think our library offers this service. Thanks for any help. My mother-in-law getting one for Christmas is why my daughter got one and my MIL always gets books from the library, so this would be great for her too. My email is and I am