Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sex & the City Fans

I’m a huge Sex & the City fan. I have the entire series on dvd's as well as having the first movie. While out Christmas shopping, I happened to come across this boxed set of The Sex & the City Wedding. The pink padded box has a side pull out drawer that holds the “Wedding” pictures photo album, another album with 4 dvd’s in it (interviews, music & the wedding movie) as well as a certificate of authenticity. I knew that I had to buy one for my niece Chantale who is an even bigger Sex & the City fan than I am. Not only did I buy one for her for Christmas, I bought one for me too. How could I refuse when they were a steal at $9.99 each.
I wish that the store had have had more as I would have bought several at that price.


Michelle said...

oh how cool.

Karelj said...

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