Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Never-Ending Card

There is a group of five of us friends who meet twice a month to share ideas. We each take a turn teaching a new card, layout or 3D project of our choice. We supply all the materials for our “workshop” and make a kit for each of us.

Two weeks ago it was Cathy’s turn to host the workshop & she taught us all how to create a beautiful Never-Ending Card. I must admit that I am the worst procrastinator as I’ve had this card in my “To Do File” for a long time. I just never seemed to get around to doing one. Thankfully Cathy solved that dilemma for me and helped me to get one project checked off my To Do List.

I was actually surprised at how easily this card came together but then Cathy had the hardest part resolved for us. She had the folding, scoring, cutting, etc all figured out for us & we just followed along with her & put the card together. Sure there were a couple of slip ups as you really have to pay attention to the folds as well as front to back of the card. Fortunately these slip-ups were easily fixed without having to toss the card. In the end we all had a gorgeous Never-Ending Card that we can be proud to display. This one isn’t going to be one that I’d do a mass production of as there is a lot of work involved in it.

This is what the card looks like all tied up with this gorgeous satin ribbon.
Once you untie the ribbon, this is the next view of the card.
Then you flip the flaps back and this is the third view of the card.
The center piece is split and thats where you flip it again to get this next view
Once again along the center split, you fold the flaps back to get the final view of this gorgeous card.
This card is just stunning in real life. The colors are so rich & elegant.

Thank you Cathy for taking the time to teach us how to create such a beautiful card.

Thanks for stopping by & have a great day.


Bonnie Weiss said...

This card is a real show-stopper! I loved the challenge of making the card and am so thankful that Cathy did all of the cutting for us! I am NOT a happy cutter or scissor-user!

Margaret said...

This is a very artistic and lovely card.