Friday, September 4, 2009

Studio Nightmare

In my last post I mentioned a challenge that Angela (Lead Fiskateer) had posted where she wanted us to post pictures of our "messy" studio. Kelly Jo (Lead Fiskateer) had recently redone her studio so now it's all nice & organized. Angela's challenge was called "Kelly Jo Rivalry" and this was her challenge "Like any good family, sometimes the sister who love each other are going to be a little competitive. Kelly Jo has unknowingly slighted me- she posted that video of her very pretty and VERY organized and clean craft room. I can't compete. Mine is a disaster. Completely and totally. I give up. Untidy Fiskateers unite- post a photo of YOUR craft disaster in the gallery and come back to this thread and leave a comment with a link to your gallery posting. The messier, the better. Take that Kelly Jo and your lovely craft space!"

Well, I don't think that studio's come any messier than mine at the moment. Since I am currently in the process of renovating my apartment, my studio ended up being used to store some of my bedroom furniture while the upstairs was being drywalled & painted. I hated to have to do that but it was so much easier to store the heavier pieces in there than to try & haul them downstairs. So for 6 weeks my studio was off limits....I couldn't even get in the door as it was so full.

This week I've been working hard on getting my upstairs back in order & have finally moved my bedroom furniture out of my studio. Even though I haven't yet had a chance to create anything, it feels good to be able to walk into my studio again.

Here's a picture that I took showing just how full my studio was.The door could only be opened part way and right in front of it was my tv for my bedroom. It's not the greatest picture but it does show just how full my studio is.Thanks for looking & have a great day!

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Scrappy Rat said...

Oh my, you *really* need to see my studio. I'd send a photo, but I'm really horrified by it. It's being remodeled, but it's taking a long time to reach completion. I can't really complain though since my husband is building me counters and cabinets in there completely of his own volition. Pretty nice, eh? In the mean time though, I really have no studio...just a pit of art and craft supplies I try not to look at. Good luck with yours! :)