Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Groundhog Day & Winter Storm

It’s certainly been an interesting night. It was snowing & blowing like crazy last night when I went to bed. The wind was also blowing most of the night. I’m an early riser (Too early in my opinion. It’s part of my fibromyalgia that I can’t stay asleep for more than 2 or 3 hrs) and when I got up I could hear the ice pellets hitting the side of the house. We must have had at least 3 hrs of ice pellets/freezing rain. The snow is still coming down lightly and there is a bit of a wind but then I’m in a rather sheltered area. The snowplow went past my house a few minutes ago & I am sure that the roads are treacherous. I’m glad that I don’t have to go out today & hope that my son will be able to skip work too. I hate to think of him out on the roads driving to work.

It’ll be fun trying to clear all that ice from my vehicle. I’m going to have to sweet talk my son into doing it for me. These days I have difficulties even trying to clear the snow off my vehicle, let alone ice.

If that Groundhog is smart, he’ll stay inside today too. I plan on working on finishing up some of the challenges for the Fiskateer Online Crop.
It sounds like another round of ice pellets is starting up. Stay warm & safe.

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Bonnie Weiss said...

It sure is winter in Ontario. But, if Wiarton Willie and Punxsutawney Phil are correct, we will have an early Spring. After a night like last night, Spring can't come soon enough! You might have to do more like bribe your son, rather than sweet-talk him, into scraping off your vehicle!