Friday, February 4, 2011

It’s Here!!

On Tuesday morning I got a phone call from the Post Office to let me know that there was a parcel there for me that required my signature. Normally they deliver the parcels requiring a signature to your door but because of the snowstorm they weren’t doing it that day. The lady who called me said that I could come in & pick it up. As if! If they weren’t going out to deliver the mail to me in a snowstorm, then I wasn’t going to risk going out to pick up a parcel in the middle of a snowstorm. Not!!

Anyways, I went in yesterday after my Doctor’s appointment & guess what it was?? My new Gypsy!! I ordered it a few weeks ago from Custom Crops. I couldn’t resist their sale price. It also included the bag as well as 2 full pre-loaded cartridges; Gypsy Wanderings & Gypsy Font. Also when I register my Gypsy I get another 5 free cartridges that I can download.

These cartridges are:
Tags, Bags, Boxes and More (not available in retail)
Christmas (not available in retail)
Blackletter (not available in retail)
Printing Press
Indie Art

How could I turn down a deal like that? Basically it’s like getting the Gypsy free when you add up the cost of 7 cartridges. (Try the cost of the cartridges in Canada). I also ended up buying “The Best of Pixar” and “Disney Classics” as they were also on sale. They’ll be fun to use in creating pages for all my Great Nieces & Nephews. I can’t wait to play with these new toys.

Well, enjoy your day & TFL!

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Becky said...

let me know how you like the gypsy. I so want one