Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian Family & Friends

I just wanted to wish all my family & friends a Happy Thanksgiving. With yesterday being our Thanksgiving holiday (Canadian), I went up to my sister and her husband’s home for supper. Since our family is very close knit, we try to spend all of our holiday’s together. Our 85 year old mother lives next door to me and came up with me to my sister’s house. Our family has grown a lot over the years and finding a place big enough to hold us all is getting difficult. I’d never fit them in my small apartment. lol

My sister has 2 daughters who are both married & have children. Their oldest daughter has 4 children (3 boys & 1 girl) and their youngest daughter has 3 children (2 girls & a boy). The ages of the kids is from 1 to 8 yrs old so it gets pretty noisy with that many active children running around the house. There is never a dull moment. My younger brother is married & has 2 children. His step-daughter is married and has 2 children (boy 10 & a girl 1). His son is a year younger than my son. My brother isn’t one who likes to get out & visit. Sadly he misses a lot of our family get-together’s unless they are at my mom’s. I also have an older brother who spends his winters in Costa Rica.

My son is finishing up his apprenticeship and after he completes this college session (he’s in college now), he’ll be able to write his exam for a mechanic. His GF is working towards her Masters in Nursing & wants to be an ER Nurse. He came for supper & then had plans to meet his friends at the Fair near our home to see the Demolition Derby.

There were 19 of us sitting around the table this Thanksgiving and we all have a lot to be thankful for. There was so much food & desserts. The dinner was so good. (Turkey is one of my favorite dinners).

The family also surprised me with a belated birthday too. This year with our mother being ill & my sister’s MIL being ill, getting together on my birthday was difficult so yesterday was a nice surprise. (Thanks everyone for the nice belated birthday!)

I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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