Monday, October 18, 2010

You Never Know When Or Where Inspiration Will Strike

October 3rd, I ended up in the emergency room of our local hospital. I had an abscess tooth and the entire left side of my jaw was swollen to almost 3 times it’s normal size. I looked like a hamster storing up food for the winter. The pain was horrible and I knew that I had to get on antibiotics right away.

While waiting for the doctor, I overheard him talking to the lady before me. (there is no privacy in the ER) She had a lot of medical conditions and diagnosis that he was unfamiliar with and she really couldn’t explain to him what they were. He advised her to carry a little journal in her purse listing her prescriptions as well as her medical conditions and a brief description of them. Then when it was my turn to be treated, once again he was confused by some of my medical conditions and prescriptions. He commented on his being a doctor for 31 years and how he had learned so much from the previous patient & myself that day. It goes to show that you are never too old to learn.

His comments had really got me to thinking about carrying a little journal in my purse containing my medical information so I decided to create a journal just for that purpose. I also made one for my mother & sister to carry in their purses.

I used 2 coasters for each Medical Information book(one for the front & one for the back) out of my huge stash of coasters. I designed & printed up the pages in Microsoft Word and the DSP is Yellow Bicycle. I used my Fiskars Trimmer to trim down the pages to 4x4, glued the DSP to the coasters, trimmed the excess with my Fiskars Fingertip Craft Knife as well as sanded the edges. I didn’t do a lot of fussing with these mini journals as if your purse is anything like mine, they’ll take a beating. Here is a picture of the finished journals:
Surprising enough when I gave my sister her medical journal at Thanksgiving, I ended up getting an order for my BIL’s sister to make one for her husband. I hadn’t thought of making them for men, but then again it’s us women who carry our loved one’s medical information in our purses too.

This definitely goes to show that you never know when or where inspiration will strike.

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