Thursday, May 28, 2009


They tell me that plurging is good for the health. I’m not sure yet but I’ll let you know when it’s all over & done with.

Every 3 years our town has a “Spring Clean Up” where you can take all your bulky items & toss them to the curb. Well….this is our year! We spent all day Sunday cleaning out the garage & our cabin and tossing stuff to the curb. Then Sunday night my son & his friend tossed out my computer chair, couch & loveseat. It’s a good thing I tossed it on Sunday night as our street was cleaned up a day early. Next week the renovations will begin on my apartment.

I’m having my bedroom & upper hallway drywalled & painted. After that’s done we’ll move down into the kitchen and paint and install a laminate floor. Then the livingroom also has to be painted and a laminate floor installed too.

My apartment is so small that it’s really hard to work on around all the furniture. Now that my livingroom is almost empty, it’s the perfect time to renovate. Everything from upstairs has to come down into the livingroom, including my bed this week. I’m hoping to have the work start on Monday but will know for sure either today or tomorrow as the guy doing the work has a previous job that is supposed to start next week & take him about 2 weeks to complete. Sure it would be nice to have that extra time but then it would mean that it would be the middle of July before I can start buying new furniture & have my home back in order.

There is nothing worse than living in a house while it’s being renovated. We did that with our first home that we bought during my marriage. I so hated having everything in shambles all the time. Now I am a lot older & have health issues so it’s a lot harder to deal with the stress and having things in shambles. I already miss not having a couch to sit on as these patio chairs just don’t cut it for comfort.

So needless to say my posting will be rather sporadic over the next month or so as it’s going to be hard to craft while my apartment is being renovated. It’s hard to craft when they are working upstairs next to my studio. I’m hoping that after they are finished with the upstairs that I can empty my studio into the hallway & have it repainted then I can totally reorganize it before putting everything back in it. That’s going to be a huge undertaking packing everything up & reorganizing it.

Well, have a great week & wish me luck that I survive the stress of renovating.

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