Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hooked on Punches

Anyone that knows me knows that I am totally addicted to punches. I love pulling out my punches and trying to create new “out of the box” ideas with them. Yesterday was one of those days. With the bad weather and freezing rain it was the perfect day to spend creating.

I am trying to put together a “Punch Techniques” book for myself. My intentions are to put a sample of each punch creation along with the punches used in my book. This book is just for my own personal use and will make it much easier for me to recreate some of these creations again & again.

So yesterday I pulled out all the punches and started creating. I wish I could take credit for these creations but I can’t. I’m a huge blog surfing fan and love finding new Punch Art ideas and trying to recreate them. Most of these ideas came from some links that I found on SCS. (I thought that I had saved the link but at the moment I can’t find it or the original authors name.)

Most of the time I find that there are no directions or list of punches used in creating these punched art pieces. So the fun part for me is trying to recreate them. Some times it takes me several tries before I'm happy with the finished piece. But then that's half the fun of Punch Art.

The first four punch creations are of people: a ballerina, ballplayer, cheerleader & a mermaid. I love how they turned out.

From there I moved onto animals: a dog, fish, lion and an owl.

(All of these punched creations were made with Stampin Up punches. )

This morning I hope to work on some more punch creations for my Punch Book as well as creating a cover for my book. Stay tuned for more. Thanks for looking!

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Bonnie Weiss said...

Those little characters are just toooo cute! They will look adorable on your S/B pages and your little mini books for all of those new nieces and nephews, that are on the way!