Monday, January 19, 2009

Twilight Series Two Down....Two to Go

I must admit I'm hooked. I finished reading Twilight and immediately went on a search to find New Moon. With 40 pages left to read of New Moon last Thursday, I went out looking for the remaining two books in this awesome series. Unfortunately I was only able to find Eclipse in our local Walmart. I had planned to buy Eclipse and Breaking Dawn (the last book) so that I'd have them here and ready to read.

I finished reading New Moon on Friday morning and without skipping a beat, I picked up Eclipse and started reading it. I'm now halfway through it and will have to take a trip into Walmart in the next day or so to try and find Breaking Dawn.
If you haven't already read these books I'd highly recommend them.

I'm having a hard time putting down these books to spend some time crafting. I do have a few projects that I've been working on and hope to get pictures taken so that I can post them soon.

What are you reading this week?

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Anonymous said...

Hey Aunt Diane, just to let you know that I was in walmart yesterday and found Breaking Dawn in there. I was going to buy it for you but wasn't sure if you had already bought it yourself yet or not. They have a few copies, seems like they have restocked all the copies, they even have a new one "twilight the movie companion" I'm sure I'll buy that one to go with my Let me know if you want me to buy it and I will get it tomorrow if I can and then just give it to you when we see you for dinner in a couple of weeks, if you can wait that long?!