Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nashville Fiska-Friendzy Online Crop Challenges 6-10

Well, I'm back with more of the awesome challenges we had on the Fiskateer Message Board this weekend for the Nashville Fiska-Friendzy Online Crop.

Nashville Fiska-Friendzy Challenge #6

Black Friday is just around the corner. I am one of those crazy wake up at 3 am shoppers. So Just two questions for this Challenge--

1) are you a Black Friday shopper, and

2) What would your ultimate Black Friday Fiskadeal be? Post the answers here to be entered into this Challenge

Since Black Friday isn’t something we do here in Canada, I can’t say that I’m a Black Friday shopper. But if it was here….I’d definitely be a Black Friday shopper. I love a good deal!

My ultimate Black Friday Fiskadeal would be finding the “hard to find” new Fiskars Punches. I love the Halloween, Christmas and the Scallop Squeeze Punch shapes and would love to collect them all. So far I have “A Total Flake” – snowflake; “Scaredy Cat” – cat shape; “Cameo Appearance” – XL scalloped oval shape and Square-a-licious” – Large scalloped square shape. What can I say…I’m addicted to punches.

Check out my blog post New Fiskars Christmas Squeeze Punches on October 28th for more info on the sizes and shapes of the new Fiskars Squeeze Punches.

Nashville Fiska-Friendzy Challenge #7

Give it up, do with out, find another way or use it out. With the economy the way it is, many people are tightening their belts. This includes scrapbookers! Now for this challenge we are going totally BACK TO THE BASICS! The Bare minimum to create a Layout.

What are those basic supplies you need to create a scrapbook page? Cardstock, photo(s), adhesive, scissors, and a pen. YUP that's it, Create a project/page using only these 5 items and post it in the fiskateer gallery.

Surprising enough, this was a tough challenge to do. For the first couple of years that I scrapped, I did so with minimal supplies & tools. I had very few choices in paper & cardstock, I used stickers, hand-cut titles and what few embellishments that I could afford to buy on my strict budget. No punches! Really now how was I able to complete a layout without a punch. Me, the punch queen addict!!

Trying to go back to the basics wasn’t easy as I wanted so badly to add some punches, flowers…something else to the page. I did end up adding a “paper pieced” embellishment to it. Not my best work but then again I could only use the supplies listed.I've also covered up my journaling in the picture.

Nashville Fiska-Friendzy Challenge #8

You can never be thankful enough! Faye reminded us to thank Fiskars for all they do for the Fiskateers. I would like you to think of someone you are thankful for this year and send them a card. You don't need to create a card, (but you can!!!) just use one you have, but you do need to go stick it in the mail box!

For this challenge I sent off a card to my sister and my mother both who are recuperating from surgery they had in September.

Nashville Fiska-Friendzy Challenge #9

You know you wanna!!! Our fiska-sisters (and brother) are learning to line dance! Since we can't get the private instruction they are we'll just have to do the next best thing. YOU TUBE!!!! Join Helen and Nita as they show us how to do some common steps to some not only country western hits but some 50's hits and 70's disco as well. Here is their home page..

After you have two stepped around her site, sign her guest book (so we know you visited). Then come back and comment to this thread to complete this challenge!

Nashville Fiska-Friendzy Challenge #10

For the last dance of the evening it's Ladies choice. Create a project of your choosing. Using any materials you want.

For this challenge, I decided to use a sketch from my Got Sketch Express class. I love this sketch and it goes perfect with these adorable pictures of my two great nieces Chloe and Dakota. This way I was able to complete this challenge as well as complete the sketch for my class. I love how this one turned out.

Nashville Fiska-Friendzy Challenge THE BIG ONE!

So are ya'll up for it??? I was told if anyone complete ALL TEN of the challenges that are being issued today they get entered into win something REALLY cool!

I was so thrilled that I was able to complete ALL ten of the challenges this weekend.

What a great way to spend a cold, rainy day. Why don't you come and check out the Fiskateers for yourself. We'd love to have you join us for all the fun on the blog and message board. Just click on the link on the side or

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