Monday, November 17, 2008


Not only did Rebecca's Online Nashville Fiska-Friendzy on the Fiskateers Message Board have lots of RAK's and challenges, Cheryl had a couple posted from her Regional event aboard the Queen Mary.

Queen Mary Online RAK #1 STAMP FACTORY
Your assignment, mateys, is to show us your Fiskateer spirit by performing a Fisk-a-Deed. Examples of Fisk-a-Deeds were posting comments on gallery pics, adding a new project to the gallery, helping someone add a pic to their profile, make a new Fiskafriend or send off a card to a friend or loved one.

Queen Mary Online RAK #2 – SCALLOP PUNCHES
Tell me about your Fisk-a-Friendzy experience, or your lack of one.
Did you attend a regional event? If so, what was the highlight or a favorite memory?
Were you not able to attend a regional? If so, tell us your sad story.

Then another challenge went up....TWO if by Land, ONE if by Sea...then you might get an RAK from ME

Jennifer and I thought in the spirit of Fiska-unity we would issue a JOINT CHALLENGE!!!
So you have to complete -Two if by Land (2 Nashville challenges) One if by Sea (1 Queen Mary Challenge) and you can get an RAK from me!!

Regardless of the day, there is always something happening at the Fiskateers Blog and Message Board. There are so many talented crafters on the message board who share their talent and are continually inspiring us. Stop by today for a visit or better yet join the Fiskateers at

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