Thursday, October 16, 2008

Got Sketch 102 Inspired Layouts

After all the awesome sketches & tips that we received in Got Sketch 101, I was right there signing up when Janna and Val announced that they were going to be doing Got Sketch 102. This time around, Got Sketch 102 was all layouts. This class just finished at the end of September so I'm still doing catch up. (But of course I had to sign up for Got Sketch Express lol)

These layouts were inspired by Got Sketch 102

"Two" - This first layout is of my adorable 2 1/2 yr old niece on her second birthday. She just loves Dora.

Corky & Me - You remember Corky? He was the talking doll Cricket’s little brother and he was quite popular in the late 80’s early 90’s. My son got him for Christmas and they were fast friends. Corky could talk and came with several different outfits that went along with the story books and tapes. Corky went every where with us. These photos were taken on holidays in Tennessee.

Eventually Corky had an accident and to this day we really don’t know what happened. DS and my niece were playing upstairs when I heard a blood curdling scream. I ran up as fast as I could only to see the two of them cowered in the corner pointing at Corky who was missing an eye. There story was that they left the room and when they came back in, there was Corky with one eye. I tried to fix him by putting a “band-aid” over his eye but soon after Corky was no longer his best friend but had suddenly become “evil”. I guess the release of the movie “Chucky” didn’t help Corkys appeal any. Lol

This layout “Corky & Me” was inspired by Got Sketch 102.

“D” - Another sketch inspired by Got Sketch 102. Again my 2 1/2 yr old great niece was the inspiration for this layout. These pictures were taken last summer by her mother. I love all the elements in this sketch. The use of transparencies for the butterfly and the one scallop circle.

Last but not least for this GS102 class, we were given a bonus card sketch with a cupcake on it. It was really cute and inspired me to do a mini book of my oldest great niece's 6th birthday using the cupcake template. (I did white out one of the children's faces in the photo)

Janna Wilson and Valerie Salmon are so creative and their sketches are just so inspiring. If you haven’t taken one of their classes (GS101, GS102), you should look into taking Got Sketch Express which is on now. Here’s the link for more info You can also see their work at

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Anonymous said...

I want the cupcake mini book! lol.. It will look good with my other collections of mini books you've made for her :) Since I don't do them, someone has too. lol.