Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Yummy Fall Apples

Last year I took a journaling class with May Flaum (one of the Legendary Lead Fiskateers). She did a layout & journaled about her favorite apples “Honey Crisp”. Well, the way she described these apples, I knew that I had to try them.

I found them at my local grocery store and bought a bag. I was hooked. These apples are so delicious. They are crisp, juicy & sweet. I love them. Unfortunately, they are only available for a few weeks each fall.

Last year I didn’t have to share my “treasured apples” as DS never even tried them. On Monday night my GF got me a 10 lb bag from her work (she works at an apple grower) and DS just happened to be there when I carried in my treasures. Of course he had to try one and now he’s hooked too. Now he started taking them to work with him. This doesn’t make mom a happy person! Why you I have to share my treasured apples with him. lol

If you haven't already tried these delicious apples, I'd advise you to not wait too long as soon they'll be gone for another year!

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