Thursday, October 16, 2008

U Crack Me Up

I'm pretty fortunate to have six adorable great nieces and nephews that live close by and are a very important part of my life. Having a close knit family, we spend a lot of time together. These adorable kids certainly keep us laughing. My oldest great niece is 6 and she has a little sister who is 2 1/2 years old. Then there is my great nephew (he's 5), his sister who's almost 3 and then the youngest member of the family is 1 1/2 years old. So having six little one's who are all six and under certainly can lead to some funny (and loud) get togethers. Next year it will be a little louder as both of my nieces are expecting in May of 2009. These are all my older sisters grandchildren (but she does share them with me).

This next layout was inspired by the sock monkey that my great nephew is holding in his hand. I knew that I had to use my Stampin Up Sock Monkey set on this layout. The reverse monkey was done just by stamping him, flipping him over and piecing the backside. It doesn’t take much for my adorable great nephew to get his little sister laughing. But then again if they aren't laughing they're fighting. lol These two are such little dolls and are the subject of a lot of my layouts.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Aunt Diane, I love the layouts of the kids. Beautiful. I just noticed that almost all of your posts are at very early times like 4:30am!!! I can't even function at 7:30am let alone 4:30am you crazy lady! lol.... also you have five great nieces and nephews not six, but soon to have 7! :) love ya