Sunday, March 1, 2009

Addicted to Punch Art

A while ago Heather had posted a cute little frog on her blog and the other day I finally got around to trying it. It turned out so cute. Having 2 great nephews & 2 more on the way, these cute little frogs would look great on a card for them.

I also stumbled across a card that had a cute little punch art cat on it and decided to try that too. I love how it turned out.

Then if that wasn’t enough, I found a couple of cute little bugs to add to my Punch Book. How cute are they??

This is definitely addicting and I love creating these cute little punch art critters to add to my punch book. Eventually I’ll have to get really creative and turn some of them into card fronts. I know that the little kids would love them.

Thanks for looking & have a great day!